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Our world depends entirely on electricity. Our homes, vehicles, appliances, and places of employment all revolve around powered devices.

New electrical codes are making homes safer than ever, but if you live in an older home or a home with outdated electrical systems, you could be at risk.

Every year, approximately 1000 deaths are caused by electrical hazards. Twenty percent of those are children.

With technology accelerating every day, our need for power and safe electrical systems is increasing at an ever-growing pace. It’s important to have a professional electrician do any repairs or installations to ensure that your home in Marion, IN is safe.

12 Signs That You Need an Electrician

The symptoms of an outdated or hazardous system are obvious but are often overlooked or ignored.

These 12 signs are clear indicators that you need a professional HVAC contractor in Marion, IN to take a look at your system.Sparking or a burning smell are signs that you need electrician in Marion, IN.

1. Sparking: Anytime you see sparks when you plug or unplug, it’s time for a home safety check. Sometimes sparks are caused due to rapid drawdown, which is normal. Other times it may have underlying ramifications.

2. Circuit Breaker Tripping Regularly: A tripped circuit breaker is not usually a cause for concern, but if it happens regularly, it’s time to call an electrician and find out the underlying cause(s).

In most cases, the breaker can be upgraded or replaced to handle the load.

3. Flickering Lights: Flickering lights are more than an inconvenience. They actually show up as higher electricity bills and are also associated with headaches, vision issues, distractions at the office, reduced morale, and low energy levels.

4. Burning Smell: If you ever smell a burning scent when switching on an appliance, turn off the appliance immediately, unplug anything connected, and call an experienced electrician as soon as possible.

5. Your Building or Home is Old: Older buildings mean older electrical systems. If your home in Marion, IN is over 25 years old, outlets, wiring, circuit breakers, and other components are likely outdated and need to be repaired or upgraded to meet current codes.

Call an electrician for a thorough inspection.

6. Breaker Box is Buzzing: Electricity should run silently. If your breaker box is buzzing or humming, there is a big problem, and may be susceptible to major damage.

7. Fuses are Continually Blowing: Fuses blow when they are overloaded. It is a common occurrence, and a blown fuse is not a big deal.

However, several blown fuses regularly are a sign of a bigger problem that may require a commercial electrician to check for underlying issues.

8. Hot Switch Plates or Outlets: If the actual outlet is hot to the touch when it’s in use, you have a problem. Turn off whatever is plugged in and call an electrician.

9. You Don’t Have GFCI Outlets: The National Electrical Code now requires Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) near all wet locations in the home. A GFCI outlet is identified by the TEST and RESET buttons.

These should be placed in kitchens, baths, utility rooms, garages, and outdoors. If your wiring has not been upgraded with GFCIs you’re not protected.

10. Lights Dim When Appliances Turn On: If you notice your lights dim when you turn on the dishwasher or a similar thing happens when you use the vacuum, this can damage sensitive equipment and may cause a problem in the future.

11. You’re Buying or Selling a Home: Anytime you are buying or selling a home, having an electrical survey is the best way to inspect for any possible repairs needed.

12. Rodent Problems: This is an often-forgotten sign of electrical problems. Rodents love chewing on cables and leaving exposed wires. If you’ve had rodents in your house, it’s a good idea to have your wiring checked as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Electrician

Electrical work is not a DIY project. Even if the work is done correctly, it won’t pass inspection if it’s not completed by a professional. This can cause major issues when to try to sell your home and the electrical work is not approved.

The risks involved in electrical work are way too high to mess with your wiring, fuses, and breakers.There are many benefits of hiring a professional electrician in Marion, IN.

Prevent Damage: If you don’t get the wiring right, it could lead to a power surge and damage expensive electronics and appliances in the home.

Avoid Being Electrocuted: Electrical shock can cause severe injuries that may make you end up in an emergency room or with a serious medical problem.

Prevent Fire Breakout: Because electricity can jump, if the wiring isn’t done correctly, shorts can create heat to build up and cause damage or electrical fires in the home.

This single issue leads to thousands of home fires every year from faulty wiring or improperly installed devices.

Complying with Building Codes: In order to ensure any electrical work is up to code, you must have an intimate knowledge of current building codes which can be detailed and complex.

Reduced Cost in the Future: Most DIY electrical work will end up costing you more in the long run by causing additional damage to your wiring, fixtures, or panels. Your money is much better spent hiring a professional.

Carry Liability Insurance: If a person is injured or your property is damaged due to an electrical repair, your electrician will cover the costs. If you do the repair yourself, you take on this additional risk.

Take Ongoing Training: New technology, training, and techniques are released every day. Licensed electricians take required classes to improve their skills and stay on top of local, state, and federal regulations.

Don’t Take Shortcuts: Nobody wants an unstable electrical system. Shortcuts are a recipe for disaster. Certified electricians inspect each component carefully and make thorough repairs without cutting corners.

Have All Tools Needed: Most electrical projects, especially large-scale projects require specialized equipment that most homeowners do not have. This may include outlet testers, breaker finders, measuring devices, multimeters, voltage sensors, and more.

Types of Electrical Repair Services 

A certified electrician in Marion, IN can take care of a wide range of electrical repair services. These are the common services our electricians provide regularly.A certified electrician in Marion, IN can take care of a wide range of electrical repair services.

1. Emergency Electrical Repairs: If you have an emergency on your hand, an electrician can be there quickly to remedy the problem and protect your family and your home in Marion, IN.

2. Faulty Interior and Exterior Wiring: Replacing or repairing wiring in older homes or wiring that wasn’t done correctly the first time is a common job for electricians.

3. Electrical Panels: A malfunctioning panel is a huge burden and a significant fire hazard. Experts can keep your electrical panel working properly.

4. Generator: A generator is a great source of backup power, but it should be serviced regularly to ensure it’s available when you need it.

5. Ceiling Fan: Fixtures like ceiling fans can be inspected by an electrician to ensure they work properly and all the wiring is correct.

6. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector: This is a vital component of home safety. If your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors need to be checked or repaired, certified electricians can ensure they are working correctly.A professional electrician can install new ceiling fans or lighting in Marion, IN.

7. Electrical Switches and Outlets: Your switches and outlets may need to be repaired or replaced. Electricians can install new switches and outlets throughout your home.

8. Indoor/Outdoor Lighting: If you’re looking to upgrade, repair, or install new lighting, call an electrician to ensure you get a lighting solution you love that is both safe and installed correctly.

9. Fault Location and Repair: Electrical faults can put your health and safety at risk. An electrician can identify fault locations quickly and make any necessary repairs to keep electrical faults from disrupting your day.

FAQs About Electrical Services

Is knob and tube wiring safe?

No. Knob-and-tube wiring lacks ground wire, making it incompatible with modern three-prong appliances and devices. This puts electronics at increased risk of damage and your family and home at greater risk for shock and fire. They are also not rated for moist environments, which makes them a hazard in the home.

Why do fuses blow or breakers trip?

This will happen when you have too many things working at once. Things like air conditioners, microwaves, plug-in heaters, toasters, all use the same circuit and too much pull causes them to blow or trip.

Can I do the small electrical jobs in my house myself?

Absolutely not. If you complete electrical work on your own, it will not pass certification which is bad news, especially if you need to sell the property. You also risk your personal safety and the safety of your family and friends.

Trust The Professionals for Your Electrical Repair Needs

Electrical repair is more than just replacing light switches or checking tripped breakers. It is hazardous work that should be completed by a highly trained and certified electrician. We are here to take care of you and your family. You and your family’s safety should always come first. Give us a call for any repair, installation, or replacement of your electrical system in Marion, IN.

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